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Hello soul family

I am Willow Ravenz owner of Ravenz Wing Healing, located in Athens, Ga. I would like to tell you a little about myself and how I came to be.

My Story

      From age 19 I began to focus my journey in energy healing. When, I deeply grounded a pregnant friend that was having trouble sleeping. And she slept for hours!


I didn’t truly understand this gift I was given for a few years. I only knew I could help people and animals feel deeply calm and safe. 


As an Intuitive Shamanic Soul Healer I channel Gaia’s energy to bring a deep healing to both the physical and astral body, clearing out deep ancestral wounds that are bleeding into and affecting your current life. Sifting through the stagnant energies, moving out that which no longer serves your highest good. Allowing for healing and new higher vibrational  energy to come in.  

I am also a trained Reiki Master in Usui a gentle and comforting healing energy. And Holy Fire a more intense and deep healing energy.


Having recently gone through a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session. I know I can generate enough excess energy for Spirit to manifest and manipulate physical objects with little to no effect on my own physical energy. A skill I am honing to allow me to keep a consistent vibration going.


  In my profession of being a healing soul shaman with myself and others- I constantly check in with the creator, higher self and conscious to make sure I am being clearly directed and motivated into my practice. And for clear channeling and safe experience for all involved. With each interaction I gain from both the physical and metaphysical. I am here for the healing adventure.

  I am also a budding herbalist, learning from what grows on my land. And adding other native wild herbs to my landscape. Tinctures, tea blends, salves will come from this learning soon.

Come and see me for Reiki, Gaia Attunment, Meditation, Aura Repair, and Herbal Tinctures.

Many bright blessing to you,

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