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Hello soul family

I am Willow Ravenz owner of Ravenz Wing Healing, located in Athens, Ga. I would like to tell you a little about myself.

My Story

I am an intuitive shamanic soul healer. It is my goal to help you, to help yourself, to heal your deep wounds. The wounds that come from the recent past, the wounds from your past lives, and lastly the wounds of the existing timeline. I will be your guide on this journey into the deepest parts of your soul. Bringing balance and understanding as we show love to the dark and light within. For we are both as nature is both loving and vengeful.

I have been honing my skills since age 16, when I delved into the study of green witchcraft.  In this educational environment I began to understand energy and how it flows. With this knowledge I felt called to deeply ground a pregnant friend, whom had trouble sleeping, and she slept 5 hours unbroken. I did not truly understand this gift I’ve termed Gaia Attunment. Yet with practice I can become the conduit through which Gaia energies flow. I have, with this ability, been able to transmute enough excess energy to allow spirit to manifest through physical manipulation of several objects. I have been able to cross over those that were stuck here, given spirit messages from those still living’s higher self and received direct communication from Goddesses and Gods.  

In time I added both Usui and Holy Fire Reiki to my existing Gaia Attunment work. With these additions my energetic work has become deeper and more focused. With that focus I found a need for something to round out my abilities, that’s when I was directed toward Janet Wright and learned about Aura Repair. It’s through her teachings I have refined the skills to cleanse and repair the aura field around the body.

Each modality has given the prior ability a more powerful and deeper connection. Not everyone is quite ready for the depth of Gaia Attunement.  They often need to experience Aura Repair or Reiki first. You can then gently begin your journey into healing.

Come and see me for Reiki, Gaia Attunment, Meditation, Aura Repair.

Many bright blessing to you,

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