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Meet the Healing

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 Healing Modalities

Hello sweet souls,

I am Willow Ravenz, lead healer and owner of Ravenz Wing Healing located in Athens, Ga I am a shamanic spiritual mystic. Leading others on their soul journey, through meditation, Gaia Attunment and Usui/Holy Fire Reiki.


My method in guided meditations will help you become more in tune with your natural body rhythms, breath, and higher self. Each mediation begins with a little self energy work and clearing your grounding. Then we shift into the deeper levels of subconscious, unconscious, and conscious guidance. In this method you will learn the techniques to help you balance your energies even in high stress situations.

I have practiced what I call Gaia Attunment, a deep intentional grounding, since 2008.  With this method I have had great success helping clients release, heal and process current and past life traumas. That which you are ready to release will shed. Leaving room for you to shift focus and gain clearer guidance on your soul journey. Becoming more attuned to your higher self.


As a Master in Usui Reiki, I call upon the techniques and symbols to channel healing cosmic energy. This energy work helps to stimulate the bodies natural healing capabilities. Reiki energy works within the bodies’ energy field to find and remove stagnant blockages. These blockages can stem from energetic or Chakra damage to physical body damage. When a Chakra is out of balance it will send out distress signals to the physical body, a blocked throat chakra equals constant throat infections. A surgical incision disrupts the natural flow of the energetic field, as do most prescribed medications. Reiki restores the flow to stimulate healing.

Holy Fire Reiki is the most recent addition to my healing modalities. This has a deeper level of soul healing capabilities. It’s an intense warming and deeply shifting energy. I use this when deep emotional release is necessary for stuck energy. As it is more intense, I use this only when prompted to by spirit guides.


I have just begun my journey into mediumship and channeling. I can’t wait to meet you and to share all the wonderful tools and techniques I have mastered.

Willow Ravenz

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